Carlo Pizzichini exhibition

The idea of an exhibition by Carlo Pizzichini in Castell’in Villa dates back to the 90s when Coralia Pignatelli casually met the artist and was struck by his works. The two continue to esteem and appreciate each other until today when the restoration of the Granary in the centre of the medieval village takes place. It is a space flooded with light overlooking hills and vineyards where it came naturally to inaugurate an exhibition of the works of this artist.

The so-called “lyrical hieroglyphics” are the distinctive feature of Carlo Pizzichini. They develop in different materials and expressive systems with which he manages to elaborate “visual inventions” of intense emotional charge.

The works exhibited in this space communicate the artist’s poetic perception of nature that he expresses through the seriality of his aesthetic grammar made up of dichotomies such as light-shadow, shape-color, and symbolism-narration.